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Directions for direction June 1, 2011

Filed under: Coping with Everyday Life — stormskyblue @ 4:48 am

Have you ever waited for your boss to give you directions of how to do a project?  Then when the person gives you directions, and you think you understand exactly what they expected, it turns out they had different expectations.  Frustration.  That’s what it is, flat-out frustrating.  Have you ever been in a relationship and planned a special time together and thought you communicated various aspects of the evening, only to have it fall apart and you feel horrible?  I’ve had things like this happen on more than one occasion and I hear similar scenarios frequently.  The fact is, we can do our best to clarify the path to achieve what is expected of us or others, but things happen.  Sometimes other people Think they told us everything they expected us to do, but some of those thoughts were just that… thoughts and not verbalized.  We do the same for the special person in our life.  They should Know how I feel, what I like, what I will be expecting.  I remember hearing a line like,  “I’m NOT a mind-reader.”  Really?  Really?  Because I thought maybe you were when you brought me flowers that time and I was hoping you would.  Those kinds of thoughts can sabotage us in our own minds.  I really hate expectations.  I wish I could just plainly say what is expected of others and they would Hear it as plainly as I expressed it.  I suppose part of the issue is being open to receive.  We have to be open to get the directions for direction.  Are you listening?  If you don’t get it, I really hope you Are a mind-reader.


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