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It’s all about perspective June 4, 2011

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My perspective was really off today.   I just feel like things are going wrong.  I felt like my vision was blurred.  I even stopped in to have my blood pressure and sugar checked at the doctor’s office.  All was normal.  “You can see the doctor now, if you want to.  She has time available right now,”  said the medical assistant after checking me.  “No, that’s OK, I think I know what’s wrong,” I said as I thanked her and left the office.

I didn’t really know what was wrong, but I knew it wasn’t medical.  Several other glitches happened today that seemed to indicate things were going wrong; but they weren’t really.  Ah ha!  Deception.  The old game of misguided perceptions.  So I made the decision to take a new perspective.  I got some lunch, sang some uplifting songs and very shortly my day began to turn around.  I had to re-focus.  I know God wants me to be bold and fear will always try to get in my way when I venture out to try something new.  Courage is the forward motion in the presence of fear.  I trusted in the unseen and moved forward believing  what I knew was the truth.

The fact was I was on the brink of something wonderful and when I moved forward in faith, I was given the reward.  I was not expecting to get a phone call with really good news, but I did.  One positive action, led to another and another.

I took time today to realize I needed help and I’m glad I did.  I looked up, and got a whole new perspective.


One Response to “It’s all about perspective”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Perspective will be my word of the day today…….I have a showing!!!!!

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