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Clearing for the Flow June 13, 2011

Filed under: Coping with Everyday Life — stormskyblue @ 4:54 pm

A clogged drain flows with a sluggish slowness.  Water pools and doesn’t move as it should.  This morning I unscrewed the decorative cap on my bathroom drain and used long tweezers to pull out gunky-looking hair.  Maybe you didn’t want to read that, but it needed to happen to help the drain.  It wasn’t glamorous or pleasant in any way; but the concentration of impeding material had to be removed for the good of the flow.

My life can get clogged up too.  It becomes necessary to clear out some of the junk to make my life flow easier.  Stopping  to do that isn’t always pleasant; for I’d much rather be doing other things.  I desire to just keep going, but if I don’t stop and realize I even HAVE entanglements, then I can’t make the changes.

The hair got in my drain a little bit at a time.  Hair by hair.  I even thought I was being careful not to let them go down the drain, but they did anyway.  I think I’m being careful to not get bogged down in my thinking, but I do.  I must clear out the negativity, on purpose, for my life to flow the way it should.

Taking the time to clear out the minor junk in our lives can help the day run more smoothly.  We might even be amazed how much junk we had accumulated.


One Response to “Clearing for the Flow”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Inspiring….I used to do a bag a week, I had some small fragrant trash bags and once a week I would go around my house and put clothing I didn’t wear anymore, worn shoes, odds and ends. Then one day I grabbed my bag and could not find anything…..you know what I did find, my life’s accumulated ‘hair’. Just stuff, stuff I thought I would need some day I guess.

    I need to get a new box of bags! Clear the physical and clear the mental!

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