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Information Arrives and Plans Change June 29, 2011

Filed under: Coping with Everyday Life — stormskyblue @ 6:08 pm

I have plans for this weekend.  Plans that include other people.  Last week, I was so certain how it all was going to unfold, but last night I heard things may not go that way.  It rocked my world and not in a good way.

I choose to look at events that push my buttons and study them.  I initially was upset and wanting to lash out, cry or scream.  None of those choices were going to help me to be happy.  I wrote down the facts and looked at them.  I thought, any rational person reading this would be upset also.  OK, then what?  Plans change, am I willing to change with them?  Am I going to stand in the middle of my road like a stubborn child with arms crossed saying,  “This isn’t fair!  I want MY way!” or am I willing to step back and look at the situation through another person’s eyes.

Time is passing and the weekend will be here soon.  New information will arrive and plans will change.  I choose to be happy along the journey.


One Response to “Information Arrives and Plans Change”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Hmmmmm….ok then, a wish for you. Now while we can not change things that are not in our control, I wish for you the ability to have a blast, to discover something new and fun, to laugh lots and to bring us all back a wonderful story…..

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