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Curves Ahead July 9, 2011

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Just when I thought I could handle the curves in life, one hit me I wasn’t prepared for. 

Prepared for.  That’s funny.  I even saw the sign and kept going anyway.

I couldn’t see what the curve was going to be, until I got there.  Guess I should have slowed down even more.

The events that threw me could have been in anyone’s life.  I was apprehensive about spending the weekend with some people I didn’t know.  Even though I had a family member with me, it still didn’t work out.

  The road, my journey, appeared so smooth.  I was in control of my travel.

  When will I learn the one thing I am  in control of:  myself.

  The people I was with irritated me.  I can’t stand when people don’t make  eye contact, interrupt me or bulldoze a conversation and then change the subject.

I realize it’s about control, but some people are just rude.


So the weekend had cracks in it.  My road became quite rough.

I cried when I couldn’t handle it.  Was I weak?  Did I make poor choices?

I know I could have left.  Got in my car and drove away.  Somehow that seemed like the weaker choice to me.

So I stuck it out, but I was so happy to drive away.


  Boundaries.  I am required to set my own boundaries.  It’s weird.  The one person was rude, yet I felt if I said something about it, or if I got up and walked away from the conversation, I would be rude.

Why do I feel I have to stay and take it?

Maybe it’s an old program in my head… to keep quiet and not disturb.

I don’t like that program and I’m the only one who can change it.



Knowing I have a choice.  It’s a powerful thing.

I don’t have to agree with you.  You don’t have to agree with me.

I don’t have to approve of your choices, but it’s OK  to say what I believe in.

My truth may not be YOUR truth.

I suppose some people feel they must force their views onto others by being rude.

                 I don’t agree with that method of communication.

I say good-bye to those folks and I thank them for the lesson I learned.  I enjoy the polite dance of good conversation with eye contact and taking turns.  Thanks for reminding me how good I am at it and demonstrating the opposite.


Hopefully, I’ll grip the wheel and handle my destiny stronger when I encounter the future curves ahead.


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